WHEREIN Crab confuses the forest for a tree

Crab: I’ve been thinking about what you said. But I still don’t agree. Some animals say one thing, others say others, how am I to decide?

Albatross: Why not ask my friend Bulldog?

* Bulldog turns and flashes a friendly smile that somehow seems alarmingly threatening

Bulldog: What Albatross says is true. We’ve measured the temperature and the sea levels and all sorts of other things, and the climate is certainly changing.

Crab: But the sea levels change because of the tides, and the weather changes because of the seasons.

* Bulldog looks at Albatross quizzically

Bulldog: Sure, but the tides and seasons aren’t the only reasons for changes.

Crab: No, no, it’s only hot because summer’s here, and the tide’s come in. Nothing’s changing except what’s supposed to.


Apologies to Douglas Hofstadter, but not Lewis Carroll.