WHEREIN Crab closes his eyes

Crab: Hello, Albatross. I see you’re taking a dip. Isn’t the water fine today?

Albatross: Hello, Crab! Oh, yes.

Crab: I’ve been thinking about climate change. A lot of animals say things are changing and that we need to change, too, but other animals are saying that’s a bunch of flotsam.

Albatross: Don’t you think the water’s risen lately?

Crab: Well, of course, but that’s just the tide.

Albatross: No, over the past few years. Look at those cliffs? There’s clear signs that the water’s risen.

Crab: Oh, well, sometimes the tide comes in and sometimes the tide goes out.

Albatross: But we’re at high tide now. The waves are clearly going further up the cliff, and the soft earth is starting to wash away. It’s a clear marker that the ocean has risen an inch over the last ten years.

Crab: No, no, sometimes the tide comes in, sometimes the tide goes out.


Apologies to Douglas Hofstadter, but not Lewis Carroll.